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Days shown in green are available for booking. Days shown in red are unavailable for booking.

***Weddings are scheduled for Saturdays only, May-September

All other events can be scheduled during open business days.

Venue Accomodations

- Weddings
- Meetings
- Retirement Parties
- Baby Showers
- Birthday Parties

For booking information please email:


Weddings ($2000)

We are happy that you are interested in booking a wedding here at Cedar Creek Winery and Brew Co. We have had many FAQs over the past few years. Here are a couple of them that might help you out!

Q: What does the space consist of?
A: When booking a wedding at Cedar Creek, the space consists of the parking lot by the barn for a Ceremony and the shelter house for the reception.

Q: What does the time frame consist of?:
A: When you book a wedding here at Cedar Creek, you have from the time the tent goes up to (decorate, have rehearsal, most importantly have the Ceremony and Reception, and clean up) until the tent comes down. This will consist of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. We ask that all trash be picked up before you leave Saturday night. We don't want critters from the woods coming and having an after party!

Q: Does Cedar Creek provide tables, chairs and a tent?
A: Cedar Creek unfortunately does not, but we do have recommendations for these items. If you have a company in mind and plan on getting a tent, make sure it is 40' x 20', 40' x 40', 40' x 60' or 40' x 80'. Tents wider than 40' will not fit!

Q: What is the capacity limit?
A: Cedar Creek has had weddings from 50-250 people. We can accommodate more, but please ask us first.

Q: Can we bring alcohol to the wedding?
A: The Indiana State Law only allows alcohol produced by Cedar Creek on the property. This means only Cedar Creek wine and Cedar Creek beer is permitted on the property.

Q: How late can we stay and party?
A: We kindly ask that the music be turned off by 9:30 pm. This keeps us in good relations with our neighbors!

Q: What does it cost for beer and wine?
A: Depending on what wine and beer are chosen determines the cost. Wine will be sold at 30% off and beer will be sold by the keg. If beer and wine is wanted, there is an automatic $100 charge for the server(s) and the kegerator rental.

Q: Bathrooms?
A: Cedar Creek will lock the doors at closing time (6:00 pm). We ask that the wedding party rent porta-potties (1 per 75 guest is recommended)

Q: Can the Bride and Groom get ready at Cedar Creek?
A: Cedar Creek does not have changing rooms for this purpose.

Hopefully these FAQs have answered some of your questions. If you have any other questions, please send an email to: booking@cedarcreekwineandbrew.com